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Choosing the Right Speaker

If you are a Meeting Planner, the toughest job you have is picking the right speakers. Finding them is hard enough, but odds are you have never heard them speak. So, whom do you choose?


Choose someone who is a seasoned public speaker and subject matter expert. More importantly, you need someone who loves to share their knowledge with others.

You need someone who is going to make your life easier, not harder.


Bryan is that kind of speaker. 


If you want to understand a company culture, look at their business systems.


Bryan knows why this statement is so important, and he has developed quality and operational systems for some of the largest food companies in the world.


After getting a BS in Cellular Biology and Physiology, he joined the working world and worked his way up the ranks by starting as a Microbiologist and ended his corporate career as the Vice President of Quality Assurance for Boulder Brands, a leading maker of gluten-free products in the US.


Bryan has always had an entrepreneurial streak, and so he started his own food safety and regulatory consulting business in 2016. He also released a best-selling book, The New Manager Mindset to help new Managers succeed in their roles. Bryan also served as the Vice Chair for the SQF Technical Advisory Council.


Bryan is a sought-after speaker and always brings his engaging teaching style to the stage. Bryan consults and advises some of the largest and smallest food companies worldwide. He helps companies to reach new levels of quality and safety – and greater profits as a result.

Speaking Topics

Areas of Expertise


  • Food Safety

  • Food Safety Modernization Act

  • Supplier Management

  • Quality System Development

  • Safe Quality Foods (SQF)

  • Crisis Management

  • Leadership

  • Team Building

  • Philosophy in Business

  • Product Development

  • FDA Regulatory

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Your Awesome Topic!

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