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Greg Newham

Senior Director of Global Procurement


“Bryan was instrumental in helping with a high-profile project at Molson Coors. He went above and beyond. I have known him for years and am always impressed with his depth of knowledge.”


Kate Schade

President and CEO

Kate's Real Food

“Bryan went above and beyond when he helped us set up our Food Safety Plan. He was always available and willing to lend a hand. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to produce a great product!”

Lisa Allen

President and CEO

Twin Pops

“Bryan worked with us on a project to bring our food safety systems to a new level. He was a joy to work with and helped us create an amazing food safety plan. He was always willing to do what was needed and I found him to be a strategic-centric professional. I highly recommend his work.”

What Bryan Can Do for You

Food Safety Expert

Bryan has worked with food safety for over 20 years and was highly involved with the development of the Food Safety Modernization Act recommendations to FDA as part of the Foreign Supplier Verification Team at the Grocery Manufacturer's Association. Based on his knowledge, he has created food safety plans for leading companies in the US and abroad.

Best Selling Author

Public Speaker

Public Speaking is one of the best ways to share information and help everyone produce safer food. Bryan is available for speaking at companies, events, and at conferences.
Reach you and arrange for him to come to your group today.


Quality Systems Expert

If you want to build world-class quality systems to save time and money as well as protect your consumer, Bryan can help. He understands what needs to be done at the plant on the floor and in the boardroom.
If you want the best systems available, speak with Bryan today.


What Bryan Cannot Do for You

  • If you think that quality is something that just happens automatically, he can't help you.
  • If you think that if something goes wrong in operations, it's a quality issue, he is not right for you.
  • If you have ignored quality and food safety for years and now want a quick fix, no one can help you.
Quality is not a department. It must be who you are.
So, if you are serious about reaching the next level in your company, he can help show you the way.
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