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Food Industry Consulting

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Tom Wieringa

President, Golden Logistics

"I've worked with Bryan for several years and found that he has a very broad base of knowledge in the food industry and a mastery of food safety and compliance."

Mark Milich

Lead Auditor, Simplot

“Bryan and I have known each other for years. When we get the chance to talk about quality assurance in the food industry, he always has a new way of looking at things. He is far from your ordinary quality person who only sees things from that perspective. He gets the big picture.”

Dr.Aaron Malone

R&D, Danone

"Bryan is able to take complex topics and come up with sound plans to reach high levels of food safety and regulatory compliance. He is really good at what he does and is easy to work with. Last but not least, Bryan's passion for quality systems and food safety is off the charts!"

Internationally Recognized Consultant

Hundreds of individuals from companies all over the world have brought Bryan in to help with issues and to improve operational systems in manufacturing companies.

His clients have ranged from small start up's to multi billion dollar multi national corporations.

What they all had in common was a desire to:

- Reduce risk

- Increase profitability

- Reduce waste

If you want your company to succeed in five years, you need to put the programs in place now.

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